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Writing & Editing Services

Writing training and writing coaching help you develop your staff and improve the quality of your organization’s documents over time, but if you need to improve one document now, we can help with that too.

Our team of instructors are expert writers and editors. We apply the techniques of the Writing System to help you efficiently plan, write, revise, or edit documents that make you look good to your audience.

We offer our experience developing the following document types:


  • Technical Reports: We help scientists, engineers, statisticians, and analysts gather information, assign writing tasks, write collaboratively, manage reviews, and edit the final product.

  • Manuscripts: We guide researchers in science, technology, medicine, policy, communications, and education on planning, writing, and editing manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication, including articles, book chapters, and books.

  • Government Contract Proposals: We offer contractors a combination of proposal management, coordination, writing, and editing, to help you deliver a compelling and compliant proposal.

  • Research Grant Applications: We guide researchers in navigating funding agencies’ submission requirements and communicating how the proposed project is a good fit and a low-risk option for the funder.

  • Promotional Materials: We work with government, private, and nonprofit organizations to plan, write, design, and edit infographics, factsheets, poster presentations, slideshow presentations, web pages, and blog posts.

  • Executive Resumes and Job Applications: We work with applicants for executive-level positions to tailor their applications to a job description, highlight the features that make them a good fit, and navigate complex application processes, such as the Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) process.  

Our instructors are eager to take on new challenges and work with new document types. Whether or not the help you need is listed here, if you want writing and editing services, contact us. We can tell if you we can help.

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